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Nickel- based alloy steel welded pipe

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1.Excellent resistance to stress, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and localized corrosion at room temperature.

2.Superior mechanical properties at room temperature.

3.Superior corrosion resistance at elevated temperature.

4.Good mechanical properties at elevated temperature.  

5.The products are widely used in: Electric power / Ocean Engineering and ship building / Petrochemical industry / LNG liquefied natural gas/Desalination of sea water/wastewater treatment / nuclear power / heat exchanger /Pharmaceutical Sanitary tubes / precision electronics / paper machinery / construction etc industries.

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GradesGH2036、GH2132、GH2136、GH3030、GH3039、GH3128、GH4033、GH4169、HastelloyB、HastelloyB-2、HastelloyB-3、HastelloyC、HastelloyC-4、HastelloyC-22、HastelloyC-276、HastelloyC-2000、Incoloy800、Incoloy800H、Incoloy825、Incoloy901、Incoloy925、Incoloy926、Inconel600、Inconel601、Inconel625、Inconel686、Inconel690、Inconel718、Inconel750、Monel400、Monel400A、MonelK500、Alloy20、Alloy28、Alloy31 etc.

Stainless steel (nickel-based alloy )welded pipe production range:
Single slit: OD(Φ8mm-Φ630mm),wall thickness(0.5mm-25mm).
Girth: OD (Φ630mm-Φ3000mm),wall thickness(3mm-100mm).

Stainless steel (nickel-based alloy )seamless pipe production range:
OD:(Φ6mm-Φ812.8mm),wall thickness(0.6mm-60mm).

In addition,our company has developed a new series of Conical tubes.

the production size range is OD( Φ 3mm- Φ 219mm), wall thickness (0.3mm-15mm).


(1):As a famous China Nickel- based alloy steel welded pipe manufacturers and Nickel- based alloy steel welded pipe suppliers we have a stainless steel (nickel-based alloy)welded pipe manufacture, stainless steel(nickel-based alloy) seamless pipe manufacture and a stainless steel machine manufacture,so we could offer the High quality stainless steel (nickel-based alloy)tube with reasonable price.

(2):We could offer One-stop solution for stainless steel(nickel-based alloy) pipes and fittings and flange for some industrial projects

(3):We have a professional?marketing?team for the international trade already for 10years ,so we have Wide excellent experiences with after-sale service. We focus on developing high-quality Nickel- based alloy steel welded pipe for top-end markets.Our custom Nickel- based alloy steel welded pipe are in line with international standards,and are mainly exported to ?USA.Germany,?Russia,?,Saudi Arabia,NewZealand?,Australia, The Republic of Belarus,Mexico ?and other destinations around the world

(4):Every process will be checked by responsible QC which insures every Nickel- based alloy steel welded pipe's quality.

(5):We have the Professional packing teams which keep every packing safely.

(6):?Trial order can be done in one week.

(7):Samples can be provided as your requirements.

(8):Shipment: It is only take 2 hour to go to SHANGHAI Port by the it is very convenient and efficient to ship goods to any other countries.


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